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​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.

​PrincipalL. Saunders
​Vice Principal
K. Cox​
Senior Administrative Support
​A. MacIntyre
​Clerk Steno
​P. Deschenes
​Kindergarten Team

S. Gulley & T. Walchuk

Kindergarten Team

R. Bradford & V. Trivino
Kindergarten Team

​J. Redman, J. Primmer, C. Barber & N. Nobre
​Kindergarten Team

​M. Peters & M. Cox
Gr. 1
B. McLean
​Gr. 1
C. Lightheart
​Gr. 2
S. Wallace
​Gr. 2
L. Brillinger 
​Gr. 2/3
​A. Westendorp
​Gr. 3
S. Doner-Banks
​Gr. 3
J. Larmer
​Gr. 4
J. Stormes
​Gr. 4/5
​C. Bristow
Gr. 5
A. Stormes
Gr. 6K. Goode
Gr. 6
L. Sparling
French (FSL)
D. Baker
Planning Time
L. Collicutt, M. Ewaskiw, J. Trace Elliott, J. Primmer, J. Redman

Teacher Librarian/PT
J. Coombes
Special Education (LC)
T. McKean-Dobbs
Special EducationL. Collicutt, K. Cox, T. McKean-Dobbs
E.A. Team
C. Brown-Hoysa, M. Greer, K. Groves, C. Goodfellow,
J. Henderson
, V. Jones, L. Loughead

Chief Custodian T. Judd
Custodian​W. Wedge